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I can has inconsequential ramblings?

Yes, you may.

8 February 1988
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I took my name from a line featured in the series 'Rome'. Because it amuses me, is why. Hail Caesar! Other than that, this is Wyl, and he says hello to you. Honestly, I hate writing bio sections because I never know what to say.

I could just spout some random words, but that's passe since dumbledore did it. Fucking J.K. Rowling stealing my shtick- I was doing that stuff in 1996, yo, fo' realz. I could sue, but I can't afford legal representation... until my friends graduate from law school, bunch of smug pretentious etc etc etc. I enjoy scavenger hunts. That's a biographical fact that YOU can take to the bank, use to pretend you're me and then steal all my money! Forget I said that. FORGET!

Ehh...enjoy the movie.